Tips for glossy lips

It’s worth remembering that perfection is 10% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Finding the lip gloss that best matches your lip color and tone is a process that requires patience, perseverance, and a little (very little) luck. Hopefully, the following tips will increase your chances of finding the best lip gloss for your lips.

1. Keep an open mind and don’t forget to experiment!

There are many brands of lip gloss available, and prices vary. A $7 lip gloss bought at your local drugstore isn’t necessarily inferior in quality to an $18 packet of Poole lip gloss. Lips just feel the texture, smoothness and silkiness of the gloss or its heaviness, stickiness and discomfort.

Lips don’t care how much your lip gloss costs or where you bought it. High-end lip glosses sometimes offer an ultra-glossy feel that glides on lips, but there are also less expensive lip glosses like Bonnebel that rival high-end brands.The label isn’t everything. . Sometimes you can find great bargains at 100-yen shops. Try your luck, win or lose, it’s all worth $1. However, if you’re buying from a drugstore or Walmart, make sure the lip gloss product you’re considering buying has been extensively researched.

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2. Shine is not eternal

– Reapply to retain dye
– Some brands, even the best ones, fade after a few hours
– Some people really don’t like the feel of heavy glitter.
– Judge yourself by your own lip color, not other people’s lip color.

3. Selection Tips

Choose your Lip Her gloss based on your lip color, as lip color automatically affects the color of the gloss applied. Never decide if a Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie lip gloss looks good or bad. Jennifer has thin lips and Angelina has a full apron. Of course, your world is far from theirs.

Lip gloss colors look different on different people. Your own lip color plays an important role here, as your natural lip color will show through.Natural lip tone, lip gloss pigmentation, application comfort, lip gloss you are looking for. is also the same. This is obviously as unique, individual and personalized as possible.

4. Not All That Glitters Is Good

No matter how great it looks, make sure that the lip gloss put on the lips feels comfortable, as if it’s almost like it wasn’t there. Lip gloss glitter that feels gritty or sharp should not be tolerated by the lips or by you. Do not be afraid to return it to the store and politely explain to the store clerk or – preferably – the store manager your problem. It should be exchanged for another less grittier tube. But if the same trouble persists maybe it is time to change to a different brand, specifically one that has not too much glitter that it hurts.

Be realistic

lip gloss gives lips a smooth shimmer, it does not provide anyone with kissable cottony-soft lips. Lip balms do that. Balms are not shiny. But it makes lips feel supple. Apply a balm over the lips first before putting on a lip gloss, this is to moisturize the lips. Gloss is supposed to be – you’ve guessed it – glossy. If it does not, troop to the shop or store where it was bought from, you are supposed to get the product you purchased for.

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