How to properly apply onion juice on the head?

­2 spoons of onion juice is enough to grow even a hair that never grows.  Let us know, How to properly apply onion juice on the head?


Today we are going to know a recipe that is similar to the serum bought in the store for thousands of dollars. Many serums are available over the counter at high prices.

But if we look at the ingredients that can be included in it, it must contain some artificial ingredients. That is, the serum is prepared by mixing the color dye and excessive chemicals to make the hair shiny.

Even if we buy a serum with so many problems and pay a lot of money and apply it on our head, we cannot get the full benefit.


Through this post we are going to know about how we are going to prepare a gel without any kind of adulteration to reduce hair fall and make hair grow smoothly.

If you use this gel, all the problems that may exist in the hair will be fixed and the hair will grow three times more in three months.

INGREDIENTS of onion juice gel

For this recipe we need only 3 ingredients. Pure Coconut Oil – 2 Tablespoon,

Onion Extract – 1 Tablespoon,

Linseed Gel – 2 Tablespoon.

(As much as possible, take onion juice as it is and avoid applying it directly on the scalp. It can give negative effects to some people. Onion juice should be used on the scalp only in combination with some products that promote hair growth.)

If we put 4 spoons of flax seeds in a vessel and pour 1/2 cup of water and keep it in the oven and boil it for eight to ten minutes on medium flame, we will get thick gel.

If we pour this on a soft cotton cloth and squeeze it, we will get a thick linseed gel. It is also known as plugseeds gel.


Next, peel a handful of small onions and put them in a mixing jar, grind them without adding water and squeeze them to extract the onion juice. Buy it as coconut oil.

If we pour these three ingredients (coconut oil, linseed gel, onion juice) in a bowl and mix well, we will get a gel. This is what we have to apply in our head. We can put this on our heads two or three days a week.

20 minutes before taking a shower, apply this gel on the scalp and massage it well. After soaking well for 20 minutes, you can apply shampoo or chickpeas and take a regular head bath.

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STORAGE of onion juice gel

This gel has the power to fix unspeakable problems with your hair that you don’t even know you have. Make a very small amount and use it right away, otherwise make a little more and this gel will keep for up to a month in the freezer.

But when storing in the freezer, do not forget to take this serum out 1 hour before applying it on the head. If kept in the fridge it will only last three days without spoiling. If you like this recipe, don’t miss it and try it. You will definitely get good results.


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