Fingernails care tips –

Taking care of fingernails is very important. Nail care helps in getting rid of broken fingernails, cuts and splits in fingernails.

Nail hygiene means ensuring that food particles, dirt and dust do not stick to the nails and that bacteria does not build up on the nails.

Nail hygiene is an important index for the whole body. But many people do not pay much attention to this matter, says the study.

It says that people experience many disease symptoms. Experts also say that ignorance about our nails increases the breeding of harmful bacteria.

Let’s know what kind of tips to follow for nail care. This way you can always keep your nails healthy.

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Taking care of our fingernails is very important. Some people may experience brittle nails. Our nails are made up of a type of protein called carotene. Malnutrition is also a major cause of brittle nails. Due to various reasons like poor health, hormonal changes etc.

Also lack of nail care is a major cause of nail breakage. You don’t have to resort to beauty salons for nail care. We can do some common health things at home too. Here are some simple tips for taking care of your nails.

Finger Nail Care Tips:

Use a polish remover:

Use a nail polish remover to remove nail polish from your nails. Clean your nails often. Only then will it be free of germs and bacteria. To remove dirt, use nail polish remover to remove nail polish. Wash your hands with water.

Shape your fingernails:

Don’t keep your nails too long. Design it in good condition and in good shape. Because nails that grow too long are prone to breakage. Trim and trim your nails once a week.

Do not cut cuticles:

Care must be taken when cutting nails. Because there is a chance of injury to the skin under the nails. Remove the skin little by little without cutting the underlying skin. Be careful not to cause pain. Do not attempt to remove the skin with your hands in case the skin splits. Don’t bite your nails too often.

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Use a soft nail polish:

Wearing chemical nail polish can harm your healthy nails. Apply a base coat before applying nail polish. This will prevent nails from getting stained.

Moisturize your fingernails:

When nails become dry they are more likely to crack and break. So keep your nails moisturized. Apply coconut oil or almond oil and massage the nails to nourish them.

Eat well:

A healthy diet is also essential for strong nails. Take vitamin-rich foods to strengthen brittle nails. Healthy foods increase carotene production and help keep nails strong. Omega 3 fatty acids help keep nails moisturized and shiny.

Avoid damage:

If your nails are in a wet and dirty environment, bacteria can grow there. Frequent washing of dishes and cleaning with harsh chemicals can damage nails. Gloves can be worn to protect skin, fingers and nails.

Do not bite your fingernails too often:

Frequent nail biting can cause cuts in your nails and lead to infections. Even small infections in your fingernails can allow bacteria and fungi to enter and cause infections. So avoid nail biting.


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