Back pain remedies

We often complain of back pain, but none of us take this back pain seriously. Usually we do things like applying ointment and doing warm water exercises. But back pain can only be a symptom of a problem.

Low back pain is the most important of the back problems. One cannot help but suffer from lower back pain at some point in one’s life. It fr is the second most common medical problem for people over the age of forty.

Not a personal disease

                                                                   Just like a fever is a symptom of an illness, lower back pain is also a symptom of an illness, not an individual illness! There are many reasons for this pain. The main reasons for this are problems in the bones, muscles, tendons and inter vertebral disc related to the back.

Reason for Back pain

Back pain sprains, spasms, muscle spasms, spinal cord injection at the time of caesarean section can be attributed to many reasons. A common cause of this problem in youth is postural error.

High heels, too many heels, not wearing the right size shoes. Shoes that are too big or too small, car seats that are not right. People who sit in the same position for long periods of time in the computer industry, such as cushioned chairs or rolling chairs, can develop back pains. There are simple ways to check if this is the cause of back pain.

How to find out back pain

You sit with your back leaning against the wall. Let the spine lean against the wall. Stretch the legs loosely. Lift both arms straight up without folding them. The back of the body should not be bent anywhere. Let the body part be well up. Notice where you feel pain while doing so. Two-wheeler, driving a car, staying in one place can be the reason.

Some people may experience this kind of problem while lying on the bed even if the cushion is unbalanced.

How to fix back pain

Hot water massage can be given when there are back pains. Vitamin and mineral deficiency in the body can also cause this pain. Minerals such as calcium and phosphorus should be added to the diet.

Some people have frequent back pain. All they have to do is take 2 litres of water and drink it within an hour. Because when the body is dehydrated, the blood flow to the muscles decreases. Then the muscle does not get enough oxygen. Then there will be cramps and pain. If they drink water, the pain will decrease.

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How to prevent back pain

Diet Food should be rich in calcium. Country cow’s milk, greens can be added. Flaxseeds contain omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. This will strengthen the props connection.

Many people take multivitamin tablets if they have joint pain, damage, inflammation etc. It is safe to take it with food except as it overwork the kidney organ.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is very important. The antioxidant present in it has properties that strengthen muscles, bones and membranes.

When the water comes out, we can use pure Czech essential oil on the part above our buttock. Squeeze half a lemon in 100 ml of oil, heat it lightly, add some turmeric powder and keep it in a bottle.


Keep the person in pain lying down and apply a gentle massage on the scalp. After 5 minutes take the piece of turkey and soak it in hot water and give it a dressing. This oil penetrates through the skin pores and acts as a lubricant. The vitamin C present in it will repair the muscles. Naturally it will be fine.

Exercise for back pain

People with this problem may find it difficult to exercise. Apply oil to them in the same way and leave it for 10 minutes and then exercise for 10 minutes and then ask them to do stretching exercises.

They should not do the back bending exercise, they can do the front bending exercise. Lie flat on the floor with your legs extended and lift one leg only 45 degrees. Similarly, both the legs should be alternated. It can also cure problems like back pain, bone pain, sciatica. If you do this exercise daily, you can do it without this problem.

People who work in one place from morning to evening can do yoga. Walk in short intervals. Drinking plenty of water can help prevent cramping. Apart from that it is caused by disease in the body, it is caused by lifestyle can be easily prevented.

Examination and treatment

Since there are many causes of lower back pain, back X-ray, CT scan, MRI It is important to get a scan, blood tests and find out the cause and get treatment. Pain relievers and muscle relaxant pills/injections can be helpful for early lower back pain due to tissue dislodgement. Also, complete rest for at least 3 weeks, wearing a waist belt, and physiotherapy treatment have better chances of recovery.

If the pain persists for several weeks, unable to walk or stand. Numbness of the foot may require surgery. Now, in the modern surgery called ‘Lumbar Endoscopic Discectomy’, when the herniated disc is removed and the pressure on the spinal cord is removed, the lower back pain and leg cramps will be cured.

Do this

People with this problem should not sleep on a rope bed. Lie flat on a proper mattress. You can lie down with your legs slightly folded and a pillow between your legs.

Do not lift heavy weights. If you have to lift the weight, bend your knees forward instead of bending your hips. It is still better to bear the burden on the chest.

Alternative methods

Do not arch your back too much. Do not turn suddenly. Instead of bending down to clean the floor, it is better to clean the floor while standing with a long broom. Better to use western toilet instead of Indian toilet. Do not wear high heels.

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